April 2016 Desktop Calendar Background by Gabriel Roberts

Hello my dear friends and Happy April! Just because “April” is capitalized, does that mean I have to capitalize “happy” as well? I didn’t just then. This perhaps shows that I’m a bit reluctant to capitalize the word unnecessarily.

In any case, welcome to a new month and a new image to look at when you first turn on your computer, or when you’re aimlessly tooling the landscape of your desktop. I spent a heavily-caffeinated hour and a half this morning organizing my desktop and BOY did it feel good. So many duplicate photos deleted, so many little files ushered into their proper little folders. Happily they went, joyfully taking up position in alphabetical order, relieved to no longer be floating aimlessly in constant fear of never being found.

The image above comes from Copacabana, Bolivia. Although less famous than Copacabana, Brazil, it is still very much called Copacabana, and it lies on the sunny shores of Lake Titicaca. I had the great pleasure of being a tourist in this beautiful place. I took this photo from the ferry, looking back at Copacabana harbor, en route to La Isla del Sol.

Please click on one of the following links to open a large-scale image and save it as your desktop background:
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Wishing you a wonderful 30 days of April!