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Gabriel Roberts mixes interview, comedy, rants, bad accents, and amateur guitar for delicious nuggets of aural pleasure

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Put it in a Box with Brodie Kinder and Chris Garre


Hear it now! A three-way Paonia Gentlemen Conversation from an undisclosed house-sit outside of Paonia, CO. Chris Garre, tango-dancing knight of the Colorado Environment and Brodie Kinder, hot-handed open-hearted troubadour join me for a conversation abou

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Bootstrap Bill's Post-Paonia Rambler


Richly varied, accent-laden, emotionally vibrant post-Paonia podcast update from Jackson, WY, featuring Bootstrap Bill, Mel the Camping Expert, and two songs from Brodie Kinder.

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Desert Golf Vacations with Naropa Sabine


Artist, snappy dresser, zen master, and dirty joker Naropa Sabine joins from his studio in Paonia, CO to talk art school, zen meditation, and San Francisco's soul. Plus a cameo from grand garden gnome Ryan Strand.

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Garden Grasshoppers


Actually painting pictures with Gabriel Roberts—in this episode listen to what passes through my mind as I paint a picture. Also garden grasshopper bludgeoning and cherry flatulence are discussed.

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Inner Atmosphere with Vincent Mario


Drawer of pictures, creator of stories, thrower of frisbees and California Kid Vincent Mario joins to discuss states of consciousness, cats, farming, paradox, and Paonia.

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Cat Cafe with Yasmine Pekonen


From Paonia, CO, artist and fellow Elsewhere Studios Resident Yasmine Pekonen joins Painting Pictures to discuss cats, creativity, destiny, and Finland. Podcast includes special real-talk personal analysis of marijuana.

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The Filling Station


From Paonia CO comes another solo hodgepodge special-pants warm fuzzy audio adventure. Peony plucking and oral hygeine are discussed. Brought to you by the Filling Station: "No gum, just gas"

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Bienvenidos a Nevada


Brought to you by the state of Nevada! From the Gingerbread House in Paonia, CO, comes a solo hodgepodge shiny tidbit podcast with Colorado beauty, America's loneliest road, daredevil birds, and Tomatoes the cat.

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Cosa No Mangiare with Mucho Poopy


Italian author, adventurer, and pooper Mucho Poopy joins to discuss his new book; backyard fauna and summer plans are updated; the new movie "Chef" is reviewed.

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Shoe Trees with David Waks


David Waks brings his glorious smile to Painting Pictures to discuss deep webs, the evolution of cool, and earning one billion dollars.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 96.23MB - Duration: 1:45:07 m (128 kbps 22050 Hz)

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