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Gabriel Roberts mixes interview, comedy, rants, bad accents, and amateur guitar for delicious nuggets of aural pleasure

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Storming the Capitol


Not for the faint of heart! A truly hot-headed rant about the alleged storming of the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

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TicToc Superstar with Joe Gruen


Joe joins Gabe to discuss the never-ending pandemic, how he hurt his widdow finger, how to become a Tictoc superstar, and much more.

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Blame it on the Virus


The Coffee Wagon now but a distant memory, Gabe discusses the 2020 selection circus, the traps that keep us in the never-ending pandemic, and the coming Internet of Things.

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Back on the Coffee Wagon


Gabe climbs back aboard the coffee wagon by trying to implement the ICS or Ideal Coffee Schedule. How long will it last? The temptation of coffee, rooftop temper tantrums, and narrowly avoiding rabbit copulation.

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From Craftsbury to Carmichael


A solo show featuring an angry COVID-19 rant and some light-hearted commentary from Carmichael, CA, the place where Painting Pictures began in 2014. Young people, packing up an old house, robbing Sacramentans, and ordering beers in the pandemic

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Going Back to Cali sponsored by Plexiglass Panels


Brought to you by plexiglass panels, this podcast explores the current misconception around herd immunity and antibodies to SARS-CoV2. Gabe talks about flying to California and then reflects on the experience.

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A Swedish Perspective with Ida Ketonen


Ida Ketonen joins the podcast from Malmo, Sweden, to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic and how it has unfolded in Sweden.

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A New Flag with Miles Roberts


Miles, The Elder Brother Roberts, joins the podcast from his farm in Northern Vermont to share how he arrived at his worldview today. From 9/11 to Obama's election to the Coronavirus pandemic, common threads are followed.

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Making Out With Old People in Bars with Joe Gruen


Part two of Gabe and Joe's June chat about the ongoing madness of what we see taking place in the USA, and how badly we need to start making out with old people in bars again. Gabe opens with a lengthy COVID rant.

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The Backpack Kid Dance with Joe Gruen


Joe Gruen returns to dispense wisdom and perspective from sunny Sacramento. The Cream and The Clear discuss the riots in response to the George Floyd event, and the ongoing lunacy of the coronavirus crisis.

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