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Gabriel Roberts mixes interview, comedy, rants, bad accents, and amateur guitar for delicious nuggets of aural pleasure

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COVID Chat with Joe Gruen


In a special episode of The Cream and The Clear, Gabe is joined from Sacramento, CA by C&C co-host Joe Gruen to discuss the global coronavirus pandemic, what it smells like, and how it might effect the economy. It's not really as technical as all that.

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A Broken Window


Brought to you by Full Circle Organics: Gabe hangs solo to share his experiences with a recent homeowner disaster, sledding and snow-tubing, and a sort of normal head cold.

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Good Gabe vs Evil Gabe


In Episode 69 of Painting Pictures, Gabe is joined from Scotland by Evil Gabe, aka Gabriel Q Vest, to talk about the origin of Evil Gabe, Paonia CO, and life in Scotland.

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Jingle Jangle


Brought to you by the all-new Lincoln Navigator: Gabriel critiques Trader Joe's cracker box copy and chats about Christmas gifting.

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