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We Are Actually Getting Sleep: Painting Pictures Ep. 86

Brought to you by Women: after the arrival of a new human being, Gabe reflects on being a dad and brags about how he and his wife are actually doing just fine. With an update from Susan Davis in Waterville.

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Here’s the video I referenced of the alleged shooting inside the US Capitol on 1/6/21:

Letter to the Editor Published in The News & Citizen

Many thanks to the editor of the News & Citizen, our Morrisville, VT-based free weekly newspaper, for publishing my letter in response to an op-ed that ran in their paper. Below is my letter, and below that, the op-ed to which I responded.

The memo that inspired the op-ed, and my subsequent reply, can be found here:

In response to “Capitalism’s day as dominant measure of social success is over,” A View From the Hill, Feb. 4, 2021, I’m afraid I don’t share Tamara Burke’s optimism about how modernizing regulatory review will put an end to capitalism — much less prove to be a boon to the common man.

Firstly, the memo itself, as quoted in Burke’s piece, lists economic growth as one of its priorities. How does one read this and infer that the capitalist model of endless economic growth — that Burke so rightfully critiques — will be challenged?

Secondly, to expect the industries responsible for polluting our planet, poisoning our bodies and guzzling our tax dollars to suddenly change course because of a memo that sports flowery language like “the interests of future generations” strikes me as hopelessly naive.

Regulatory agencies form a series of revolving doors with the most lucrative posts in the industries they are tasked with policing. Do we believe that suddenly, thanks to this document, they shall take up the cause of the common man?

While we may indeed be witnessing the end of capitalism as we know it, what rises in its stead is a shiny new brand of fascism, wherein the final vestiges of the free market are cast aside along with our privacy and civil liberties — anachronisms no longer viable in the new age of global pandemics and racial justice.

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Everything Wrong with the Capitol Shooting in 21 Minutes

This is the best footage I’ve seen yet of what took place inside the US Capitol on January 6th:

Tulips on the Old Table

From early 2020 here in our house in Craftsbury Village.

Recent Drawings

The “drop zone” inside our front door, as seen from the couch.

Thanksgiving in Montgomery—cooking and hanging out in the kitchen.

Our mysterious palm-like plant that lived in our bedroom, now out in the nook for some extra light and space. Charcoal and pencil drawing.

Holiday meal prepping.

The advent calendar that my sister and nephew made, inside their house on Morey Hill Rd.

Storming the Capitol: Painting Pictures Ep. 85

Not for the faint of heart!  A truly hot-headed rant about the supposed storming of the US capitol building on January 6th, 2021.

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Watch this video from The Last American Vagabond to see various clips of footage from the event:

The video is rather long—skip ahead to the cellphone videos presented throughout if you’re short on time.

Another note: “Stolen” is the wrong word for describing this election.  “Controlled” is much better.  These shows are put on every four years for maximum entertainment value and attention-grabbing, with the results determined well ahead of time.  Also, FYI my vote for president in 2020 was for Don Blankenship.

Georgia Senate Report on 2020 Election Fraud

Here is a 15-page summary of testimony on the 2020 election proceedings in Georgia, compiled by the senate Election Law Study Subcommittee.  So very many shenanigans reported.

Stolen elections are nothing new, of course.  In the words of Mark Crispin Miller:

“The people on the Right who are deploring this apparent theft for Biden-Harris have got to snap out of their amnesiac trance thinking this has never happened before.  It has happened repeatedly.  It’s just happening to their side now.   Elections have been stolen in this country by domestic players for decades; really since before 2000 when things got much worse because the Help America Vote act indirectly mandated the use of electronic voting systems all over the country, which is what we now have, which is one of the reasons that our voting system is so disgraceful.

So the Right needs to face the fact that some of their heroes were not actually elected, and the Left needs to face the fact that, much as they like the outcome this time does not make it legitimate.  And this all speaks to the urgent need for something like… dare I say it… solidarity among the American people.  I mean, this seems like a lost cause, I realize.  But if Americans continue to be at each other’s throats like this they will be extremely vulnerable to the worst repression.”

From Prof. Miller’s appearance on the Tom Woods Show:

Tictoc Superstar with Joe Gruen: Painting Pictures Ep. 84

Joe joins Gabe to discuss the never-ending pandemic, how he hurt his widdow finger, how to become a Tictoc superstar, and much more.

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Here’s the dataset from the CDC on flu, COVID,  pneumonia, and all deaths in the USA since 2015:

Here’s an image of the chart showing all deaths in green, COVID in orange, and influenza in light blue.

An Open Letter to Mary Cheh

Washington, D.C. city councilwoman Mary Cheh introduced a bill that would allow minors to consent to vaccination without parental knowledge:

Here is the email I just sent her way:

Dear Councilwoman Cheh,

I am alarmed and deeply troubled by the bill you recently introduced to the DC city council that would allow minors to consent to vaccination without parental permission.

While there are certainly arguments to be made for the benefits of vaccines, the long-term health consequences, and potentially serious side effects, of vaccinations have not been examined in any meaningful way.

Any decision around a child’s health must involve their parents or guardians. Only parents have the unique understanding and love for their children to understand what is right for their health. I believe that vaccines are not for everybody, and must be used only when the particular risks and benefits are carefully considered for each individual. This process simply must involve the parents! We do not allow children to vote, purchase drugs or alcohol, travel, drive cars, or go to the movies without adult supervision—we certainly cannot allow them to submit to potentially dangerous medical procedures!

I urge you to consider the special power of a mother’s intuition when it comes to knowing what’s best for her child, and understand how this bill denies the value of this intuition and limits the ability of a mother or father to care for their child.

The truth about viruses and disease will one day become clear, and I assure you that vaccines will no longer be seen as safe, effective, or even necessary. Are you quite sure that you want to be remembered as the person who helped grant the pharmaceutical industry backdoor access to our children’s bodies?

Should just one child’s life be compromised by a vaccine they receive without parental consent, are you prepared to live with that? I’m afraid that you won’t likely be allowed to forget it.

I understand that these are strange and desperate times, and that we’re all doing our best to cope with the madness we see in the world. Please, Ms. Cheh, let’s not forget our humanity in this moment. There are many problems worth addressing in our world today, but a parent’s right to care for their child is not one.

Gabriel Roberts
Craftsbury, VT


If you would like to share your concerns with Ms. Cheh, please email her at: , or call her office at: (202)-724-8062 or (202) 724-8118

Nick Hudson on The Fat Emperor Podcast

I acknowledge that there’s a lot of stuff we don’t know. So I’m interested to hear people’s theories about tradewinds, as I’m interested to hear people’s theories about viral dormancy, and change in temperature triggering epidemics… those are all things that you must entertain as a scientist—or a person that admires science at the very least. That’s how you learn new things, is by thinking about the novel, or the creative idea. And we’re simply not doing this; we have one cause, which is ‘kids give it to granny’, and we have one cure, which is lockdown. It’s the most stultifying approach you can possibly take to a complex system like an epidemic.

There is a confluence of incentives… you’ve got people who are making money, and they’re going to carry on trying to do that out of this lunatic testing asylum; you’ve got people that are too far gone—they’ve committed too much to the doctrine of lockdown, the voodoo of the mask, and it’s hard for them to stand down; and then you’ve got people with delusions of grandeur, who want to save the world from the deadly virus, and who believe that they’re going to do it with their vaccine, even though we’ve never had a really successful RNA vaccine, and a safe one, an efficacious one, that you can show is safe and efficacious, is years off; and then you’ve got… ineptitude as another part of the story, people who are not that bright—they haven’t really spent enough time studying the data and the information to form their views, they’re forming their views out of fear—and they go to lehman intuition, that you’ve gotta be better off if you put a bit of cloth in front of your face, and you’ve gotta be better off if you stop visiting people, they just go for that rudimentary, first thing that you can grab at, something that computes in a very simplistic kind of way, and then in the midst of all the fear they become adherents to this new religion. I think they’re sincere a lot of the time, but they’re just not very clever. And so you’ve got multiple commercial, political, accident-of-history, psychological fear-driven drivers of this thing that lead to the maintenance of, essentially a voodoo science

I’m most certainly not an anti-vaxx person, I think vaccines were fantastic inventions that saved millions of lives when it came to diseases like smallpox and polio, but I just look at this thing and say “what? really? what are we doing here?”.

I worry about these suggestions of these sinister coercive practices of requiring vaccine passports and the like. That to me is getting properly Orwellian.

There’s no relation between lockdown stringency and (COVID-19) mortality. As more of the longer-dated lockdown countries fill in… we are almost certainly going to end up showing that lockdowns cause higher coronavirus mortality. The reason is: your endpoint, whether you like it or not, is herd immunity. And what you want to be doing, what your strategy ought to be oriented around doing, is getting to herd immunity whilst infecting the smallest possible number of vulnerable people. And you do that by changing the relative mobility of vulnerable people. You bring down their mobility, without reducing the mobility of the non-vulnerable people. What general lockdowns do is exactly the opposite, because your vulnerable people are less mobile to start with, so when you start putting the brakes on the kids and the young adults, you massively reduce their mobility, and so the relative mobility of the older and more vulnerable people, the at-risk people, actually goes up. That is a very compelling explanation for why you get this very high mortality in countries like Peru, where you’ve had brutal and extended lockdowns, and this very high age-based mortality in countries like South Africa. It’s actually counter-productive.

This is a fight for the existence of civilization. I think we are heading down a very very dangerous road, and people need to see it that way, we really do. we can’t go on furlough and doing nothing and waiting every season for another lockdown… it will cripple economies and lead to starvation and the end of life as we know it. It really is important that people wake up to that reality.

Watch the excellent interview here:

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