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COVID Chat with Joe Gruen: The Cream and The Clear on Painting Pictures Ep. 71

In a special episode of The Cream and The Clear, Gabe is joined from Sacramento, CA by C&C co-host Joe Gruen to discuss the global coronavirus pandemic, what it smells like, and how it might effect the economy. It’s not really that technical of a discussion, but some numbers are mentioned.

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A Broken Window: Painting Pictures Ep. 70

It’s episode seventy of your favorite podcast! Brought to you by Full Circle Organics: Gabe hangs solo to share his experiences with a recent homeowner disaster, sledding and snow-tubing, and a sort of normal head cold.

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Good Gabe vs. Evil Gabe: Painting Pictures Ep. 69

In Episode 69 of Painting Pictures, Gabe is joined from Scotland by Evil Gabe, aka Gabriel Q Vest, to talk about the origin of Evil Gabe, Paonia CO, and life in Scotland.

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Jingle Jangle: Painting Pictures Ep. 68

Brought to you by the all-new Lincoln Navigator: While chowing down on delicious Jingle Jangle, Gabriel critiques Trader Joe’s cracker box copy and chats about Christmas gifting.

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Antique Pottery Wheel: Painting Pictures Ep. 67

In just the second podcast episode of 2019, Gabe chats about carrying foam on top of his car, getting old and smelly, a beautiful historic pottery wheel, and raising rabbits.

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Yoga with Dan Keene

Looking back to last Fall when I lampooned good ol’ Dan Keene of Lamoille Valley Ford at the Vermont Vaudeville Fall Show:

I got to do four shows with the amazing Vermont Vaudeville crew, a weekend of wild fun that I will never forget.

If you’ve never heard one of Dan’s radio ads, you might not quite get the joke. He sells cars through relentless radio marketing, and he sounds kind of like this. As far as I know, he does not lead yoga classes.

T-shirt Designs

I made some new designs for the construction company I used to work for in Morrisville, VT:

This was my first time using Adobe Illustrator, and I really enjoyed getting to know the program. Pretty different from Photoshop. Thank goodness for YouTube instructional videos! Learned about paths and live paint objects and in the end I’ve got the start of a custom font. I guess I’d call it “Freelance”. It’s based on Trader Joe’s “Tijuana” lager beer packaging.

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Chasing Rabbits

The first time I chased a bunny was a half-hearted, stooping, grasping reach for Fern, our new doe.  I wanted to hold her and pet her soft fur, but she kept hopping away from me.  I followed her around the porch for a while until I finally gave up and settled for sitting down and watching her munch on an apple.  Lately, chases have gotten more serious.  I have cuts on my hands, bruises on my feet, and a significantly deforested cedar hedge.  We have fourteen baby bunnies from two litters, and one little white bunny that has escaped the enclosure on three separate occasions—and so far only been recaptured twice.

Our rabbits live in an absolutely beautiful enclosure along the cedar hedge that borders our little parcel here in Craftsbury.  They have a raised wire cage full of delicious hay, as many pellets as they can eat, and fresh water.  The cage is roofed with steel, complete with overhangs, drip edge, and fascia boards.  It is by far the nicest bunny house I have ever seen.  The house sits inside a generous fenced enclosure, with grass to munch on and places to play in the stacks of hay underneath the house.  Our doe, Fern, has free range of the place—she goes up and down the ramp, along the catwalk (or bunnywalk), up on top of the cage into the loft area, and up to the gate whenever we enter to see what sort of treat we brought.  The buck, Bruce, unfortunately has to remain caged.  His relentless sex drive necessitates separation from Fern.  He seems to have accepted his lot and embraced a Zen lifestyle: he sits impassively, meditatively chewing or dozing.  Fern visits often, lying beside him or touching noses.  She likes knowing that her guy is there.

Fern has produced three lovely litters of “kits”.  The first, a surprise, was discovered in early Spring in Vermont (read: Winter), when Fern and Bruce lived on our porch.  She made a nest in a bale of hay, and while we were away on vacation, our house-sitter accidentally let Bruce out of his hutch for a few minutes.  That’s all it took.  There were seven babies—three albinos just like Bruce, and four brown just like Fern.  We constructed an outdoor enclosure one weekend, eager to get the growing, pooping, peeing herd of rabbits off our porch and out of doors.  Once their new home was ready, we got to practice our first serious rabbit-catching.

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Beer and Chicken Stock: Painting Pictures Ep. 66

A new episode of the Painting Pictures Podcast for your listening pleasure: from Craftsbury, Vermont, a quick slipper of a bipper wherin beer, wine, refrigerators, and chicken stock are discussed.

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Plowing and Shoveling: Painting Pictures Ep. 65

Through the drifts of snow, plowing and shoveling we go!  Winter snow grips Northern Vermont in November, and Gabe tries everything to keep his driveway clear.  He makes a terrible mistake and must atone by baking cookies.

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As mentioned, here’s me performing as Dan Keene at Vermont Vaudeville in Hardwick, VT:

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