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The first assumption of all these modelers who sold “flatten the curve” to all the politicians… they all believed that the virus was new.  Of course it’s kind of a new virus, but many parts of the virus are not new, it’s a relative, it has other coronaviruses that are relatives.

I had a problem with the flatten the curve, but I went along with it, I must say, to my own shame, because they said “or else the collateral damage that arises is too big, because oh the hospitals will be overrun…” everybody knows this story.  And I went along with this.  But then, all over Europe, the curve came down, and independent of whether there was a harsh lockdown or not.  Whatever a country did, didn’t matter—the curves were coming down.  So that means that all the model calculators, the epidemiologists with their self-made computer programs—that was basically bullshit because there was a basic immunity there.  The virus had not a chance to infect everybody.  The virus very often stumbled over people who were immune.

That is until today the most panic-inducing principle, namely that most media still speak about “today we had so and so many new infections”.  Which is totally not true.  A virus is a particle, it goes to everybody.  So if somebody is immune, the virus also goes into this body, and it will multiply—even a little bit.  But if you’re immune, you attack the virus first with antibodies and you make immediately debris, the virus is destroyed, you have only parts of the virus around in your tissue, or in your blood… you will find this debris, and part of this debris will be RNA.  And if you make a PCR, all these people will be positive, because the PCR picks up sometimes only one tiny little piece of RNA that is then amplified.  And this assay cannot tell you whether you have the virus, or if you just have some dead chunk of the virus which still gives you a positive result.  So corona positive with a PCR—everybody should realize this is not a quantitative assay, it is a qualitative assay.  It tells you only if a tiny little bit of nucleic acid was there, but it doesn’t tell you whether it was the complete virus, or even a virulent virus… this test only tells you that a little piece was there.

No other virus, ever, on this planet has been accompanied by so much testing, and so much testing that has created so much nonsense and panic.

Professor Stadler goes on to say that the de facto immunity before Sars-CoV-2’s arrival, based on T-cell response to other coronaviruses, is probably around 80%.   Listen to the full interview on the Fat Emperor podcast here:

A Swedish Perspective on COVID-19 with Ida Ketonen: Painting Pictures Ep. 79

Ida Ketonen joins the podcast from Malmo, Sweden, to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic and how it has unfolded in Sweden.

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The Coronavirus Pandemic

Until recently, I thought the coronavirus was a hoax. I wasn’t convinced of a global pandemic or even the existence of this never-before-seen virus. The numbers and images that were supposed to be frightening seemed insignificant and inconclusive. I thought that everybody was overreacting, and I went so far as to suggest as much on Facebook. I was corrected quickly and firmly by friends and family with firsthand experience with the virus—many of whom I haven’t interacted with in years. My perspective shifted dramatically, and with some further reading about the virus itself, its origins and capabilities, I came away legitimately frightened. I’m incredibly grateful to be in a low-risk group, and to live in rural Vermont where the virus hasn’t quite taken off. I’ve started wearing a mask when entering stores; while I may not feel it makes much of a difference for my health, I understand its importance to others, and that there are better ways to express my thoughts on the current state of the world than by broadcasting the fact that I’m not afraid.

My thoughts on the state of the world are many. They come on me when I wake up in the middle of the night, and often when I first get up in the morning. They lead me to my computer and the internet, and they multiply. They make me feel sad, angry, and confused. The following is an effort to organize my thoughts at this point, at the peak of the virus’ destruction. I should warn you that I am a conspiracy theorist. I’ve rejected the label for years, but I now understand that to believe something other than the mainstream narrative means you’re probably a conspiracy theorist, so yes, I am definitely a conspiracy theorist, and I understand if you want to stop reading now.

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Yoga with Dan Keene

Looking back to last Fall when I lampooned good ol’ Dan Keene of Lamoille Valley Ford at the Vermont Vaudeville Fall Show:

I got to do four shows with the amazing Vermont Vaudeville crew, a weekend of wild fun that I will never forget.

If you’ve never heard one of Dan’s radio ads, you might not quite get the joke. He sells cars through relentless radio marketing, and he sounds kind of like this. As far as I know, he does not lead yoga classes.

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