Miles Mathis on the current housing market:

HGTV: It seems like a pretty harmless television network, right? But it’s actually a fine-tuned social engineering project that heavily promotes the idea that houses should be investment vehicles, earning you money. This is part of the essential lie of speculative capitalism, that you can create wealth disproportionate to the amount of effort you put into it. Did it ever make sense that doing a $50,000 renovation to your house increases its value by $100,000? Does another $50,000 of real value magically get created? No. But this is the kind of endless mad dash for profit that gets created by the interest-based banking system. And that’s what HGTV is designed to do for the housing market. It fetishizes homes to arbitrarily increase their value, turning what is normally a depreciating asset into an investment. What does that do in real terms? It eviscerates communities as everyone constantly buys and sell houses, never living in one place long enough to form neighborly bonds. And do you know who’s behind HGTV? It was founded by Kenneth Lowe and Susan Packard and has since been sold to Discovery, Inc., whose majority shareholders are…

Vanguard, BlackRock, JPMorgan, etc. Think about that: the same people behind the housing market are behind HGTV. Do you think this is a coincidence? Meanwhile, they make it harder and harder to buy a house, making you work harder. It’s a feeding frenzy that goes round and round, and if you buy into it, it turns you into a miniature version of them: a little speculator and landlord perpetuating their predatory system of speculation and landlordism. But no matter how rich you get acting like them, they will always get richer off you. That’s what the banking system does, and that’s why you’ll never catch up with them. Better to get out of the race altogether. Be as NIMBYish as you can possibly be, not because you’re trying to protect your real estate investment, but because you’re trying to protect your home and your neighborhood, two things which sit at the heart of everything good in this world. Why do you think the rulers are trying to buy up the housing market? Because a little family in a little house on a little street that hasn’t changed in 50 years is the biggest threat of all to their hegemony. If you don’t think that’s true, then you still don’t understand the true nature of the war that’s going on around you.

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