Here is a 15-page summary of testimony on the 2020 election proceedings in Georgia, compiled by the senate Election Law Study Subcommittee.  So very many shenanigans reported.

Stolen elections are nothing new, of course.  In the words of Mark Crispin Miller:

“The people on the Right who are deploring this apparent theft for Biden-Harris have got to snap out of their amnesiac trance thinking this has never happened before.  It has happened repeatedly.  It’s just happening to their side now.   Elections have been stolen in this country by domestic players for decades; really since before 2000 when things got much worse because the Help America Vote act indirectly mandated the use of electronic voting systems all over the country, which is what we now have, which is one of the reasons that our voting system is so disgraceful.

So the Right needs to face the fact that some of their heroes were not actually elected, and the Left needs to face the fact that, much as they like the outcome this time does not make it legitimate.  And this all speaks to the urgent need for something like… dare I say it… solidarity among the American people.  I mean, this seems like a lost cause, I realize.  But if Americans continue to be at each other’s throats like this they will be extremely vulnerable to the worst repression.”

From Prof. Miller’s appearance on the Tom Woods Show: