Washington, D.C. city councilwoman Mary Cheh introduced a bill that would allow minors to consent to vaccination without parental knowledge: https://legiscan.com/DC/text/B23-0171/id/1948361

Here is the email I just sent her way:

Dear Councilwoman Cheh,

I am alarmed and deeply troubled by the bill you recently introduced to the DC city council that would allow minors to consent to vaccination without parental permission.

While there are certainly arguments to be made for the benefits of vaccines, the long-term health consequences, and potentially serious side effects, of vaccinations have not been examined in any meaningful way.

Any decision around a child’s health must involve their parents or guardians. Only parents have the unique understanding and love for their children to understand what is right for their health. I believe that vaccines are not for everybody, and must be used only when the particular risks and benefits are carefully considered for each individual. This process simply must involve the parents! We do not allow children to vote, purchase drugs or alcohol, travel, drive cars, or go to the movies without adult supervision—we certainly cannot allow them to submit to potentially dangerous medical procedures!

I urge you to consider the special power of a mother’s intuition when it comes to knowing what’s best for her child, and understand how this bill denies the value of this intuition and limits the ability of a mother or father to care for their child.

The truth about viruses and disease will one day become clear, and I assure you that vaccines will no longer be seen as safe, effective, or even necessary. Are you quite sure that you want to be remembered as the person who helped grant the pharmaceutical industry backdoor access to our children’s bodies?

Should just one child’s life be compromised by a vaccine they receive without parental consent, are you prepared to live with that? I’m afraid that you won’t likely be allowed to forget it.

I understand that these are strange and desperate times, and that we’re all doing our best to cope with the madness we see in the world. Please, Ms. Cheh, let’s not forget our humanity in this moment. There are many problems worth addressing in our world today, but a parent’s right to care for their child is not one.

Gabriel Roberts
Craftsbury, VT


If you would like to share your concerns with Ms. Cheh, please email her at: mcheh@dccouncil.us , or call her office at: (202)-724-8062 or (202) 724-8118