Hi friends,

My website got hacked in October of this year by some silly spammers who preyed on my seriously-out-of-date wordpress site and installed all sorts of links to sites hosting malware.

After a few weeks of all visitors encountering a scary “Reported Attack Site” warning, I’ve finally gotten the place cleaned out.

How to do fancy website-fixing things?

How to do fancy website-fixing things?

We’re starting over with a new theme and an up-to-date version of WordPress. I’m working on restoring all the old images to my posts and to the “Art” page, where I’ll then add images of recent work.

Finally, I have a new episode of “Painting Pictures” ready to release as soon as I get the podcast page of the site sorted out.

I’m learning lots about databases and the giant mess that is WordPress.

Thanks very much for your patience, and I hope to be posting fresh juicy content very soon!

Update 11/29: gaberobertsart.com/podcast is back up! New episodes of Painting Pictures coming soon.

Yours truly,