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Gabriel Roberts mixes interview, comedy, rants, bad accents, and amateur guitar for delicious nuggets of aural pleasure

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Bienvenidos a Nevada


Brought to you by the state of Nevada! From the Gingerbread House in Paonia, CO, comes a solo hodgepodge shiny tidbit podcast with Colorado beauty, America's loneliest road, daredevil birds, and Tomatoes the cat.

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Cosa No Mangiare with Mucho Poopy


Italian author, adventurer, and pooper Mucho Poopy joins to discuss his new book; backyard fauna and summer plans are updated; the new movie "Chef" is reviewed.

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Shoe Trees with David Waks


David Waks brings his glorious smile to Painting Pictures to discuss deep webs, the evolution of cool, and earning one billion dollars.

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Dear Doctor Jat


A five-part solo spectacular featuring Facebook photo posting advice, a letter to a chiropractor, and a very strange phonecall.

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Cinco de Podcast


Celebrating Mexican heritage and the month of May with a solo springtime shortie podcast sweetie.

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Beware of Dog


Not for the faint of heart! A solo comedy podcast in six parts: coffee addiction, having to pee, tree lights, meditation class, dandruff update, beware of dog.

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A Confederacy of Dunces


A post-Easter solo hodgepodge extravaganza episode featuring the mockingbird's song, the teakettle's shriek, and a guide to maintaining emotional health.

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Lucy Roberts Veggie Burrito Progenitor


Wellness guru Lucy Roberts joins Painting Pictures to discuss trends in food and health

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John Moses Girdler in "Kentucky Roots"


The first half of my conversation with artist and adventurer John Moses Girdler. We learn about John's childhood in Kentucky and Kazakh culture.

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Painting Pictures Update April 2014


A brief update on the state of affairs of the Painting Pictures podcast

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