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Gabriel Roberts mixes interview, comedy, rants, bad accents, and amateur guitar for delicious nuggets of aural pleasure

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Creative Vagaries with John Climenhaga


Author, actor, sound engineer, scratch golfer, band manager, symphony conductor, and extremely nice guy John Climenhaga joins Painting Pictures to talk music industry, being an artist, and his dream of living in Paonia.

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Grandpas Cheese Barn


A solo hodgepodge techno-rant, fireside from Paonia, CO. Various life updates, man vs. computer, overly suggestive texting, and the construction worker's blues. Meanwhile, a spicy soup is cooked.

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Yeah Girl with Brodie Kinder


A Thanksgiving day backyard apple-peeling conversation with the illustrious musician and "Yeah Girl" Brodie Kinder. Willpower, living with cripples, novelty, and "getting your propers" are discussed.

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I Ate Too Much Pasta


Fresh off a steel rod stab wound, a cry for sympathy from Paonia, CO. A strange Spanish voice translated by a strange computer voice, the joys of parsley pesto ice cubes, and the woes of overeating.

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I Live in Paonia Now


From my sweet single-wide home in Paonia, CO, a solo hodgepodge with a life update, advice for youth, chocolate power, BART complaints, the majesty of the kiss, love for San Francisco, and the sickness of Facebook messaging.

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Gone Fishin


A solo sweetie from the tranquil town of Smith River, CA: coffee as a diuretic, sheep!, fishin' in the Klamath, stirring medieval muscles, and carrot-peeling camping update from Mel.

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The RV Game


From the roads of Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California, a solo hodgepodge spectacular dedicated to Suzy Subaru. Included are the story of Montana bomb shelter Mark's Ark, Camping Expert Mel's run-in with another camper

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Put it in a Box with Brodie Kinder and Chris Garre


Hear it now! A three-way Paonia Gentlemen Conversation from an undisclosed house-sit outside of Paonia, CO. Chris Garre, tango-dancing knight of the Colorado Environment and Brodie Kinder, hot-handed open-hearted troubadour join me for a conversation abou

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Bootstrap Bill's Post-Paonia Rambler


Richly varied, accent-laden, emotionally vibrant post-Paonia podcast update from Jackson, WY, featuring Bootstrap Bill, Mel the Camping Expert, and two songs from Brodie Kinder.

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Desert Golf Vacations with Naropa Sabine


Artist, snappy dresser, zen master, and dirty joker Naropa Sabine joins from his studio in Paonia, CO to talk art school, zen meditation, and San Francisco's soul. Plus a cameo from grand garden gnome Ryan Strand.

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