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Gabriel Roberts mixes interview, comedy, rants, bad accents, and amateur guitar for delicious nuggets of aural pleasure

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Cochabamba Number Two


Brought to you by the card game Slippery Slope, the second podcast from Cochabamba, Bolivia, includes running for your life, the peril of selfie sticks, the power of the sun, rain coat complaints, and a musical number to cinch it all together at the end.

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Brought to you by the Magical Elves of Communal living: From Cochabamba, Bolivia, a solo roller with a musical finish: budgeting bolivianos, not getting sick, travelling travails, waitress attitude, mean dogs, and why that can of tuna is half the price.

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Stacking Leaves


From Carmichael, CA, a leaf-stacking sojourn where I discuss green waste, unsalted butter, tooth cavities, chopping garlic, and coughing at concerts.

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My New Floormats


A solo swinger from Carmichael, CA: the relentless monotony of suburbia; squash soup; bringing back the VHS; paintings for sale; my sweet new floormats, Kaiser Permanente ain't special.

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I'm a Medium Guy brought to you by Aldanbertos


Two major life announcements are shared; packing up Paonia and the perfect load; housesitting is a crime; how to deal with zombies on the highway; thoughts on the Emmys. From September 30th, 2015.

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Rosie The Bedwetter


One rainy evening in Paonia, I met a little dog named Rosie... also, the struggle with coffee is real and ongoing, people who put their trash out too early really bother me, and Matt Damon and Emily Blunt shtir shomething deep inshide me.

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Death in the Afternoon


One hundred and five grasshoppers killed in twelve minutes. House of Cards, house sitting, and calf injuries are discussed. Why to let people treat you like an idiot sometimes. Announcements!

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Spring Fever


A spring fever yarn from freshman year of high school in Sacramento, CA. A glass is dropped and I reflect on who is to blame?

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The Groover brought to you by Breakfast Tacos


A solo shimmy from summer storm-soaked Paonia, CO. Rafting, grooving, waking up without an alarm, and iphone voice memos are discussed. Plus a musical interlude from my very own fingers.

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A Can of Seasoned Black Beans


Welcome to summer in Colorado with a solo podcast-barrier-busting confidence-booster. I AM FUNNY, THESE PODCASTS MATTER: I prove it with jokes about Ground Beef Cooking, the magazine, hand-grown avocados, and a glimpse inside podcasting process.

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