Lucy Roberts in “Veggie Burrito Progenitor”: Painting Pictures Ep. 5

I’m joined by the amazing wellness guru (and inventor of the veggie burrito) Lucy Roberts.  Lucy gives her take on numerous trends in nutrition and exercise, plus shares a bit about her life as an athlete and her world travels.

Lucy Roberts on site of the Painting Pictures HQ in Carmichael, CA

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Episode Notes:

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April 2014 Update: The State of Affairs as They Stand and Looking Ahead to 2014

Howdy folks,

I recorded a brief update on my life and what I’m looking forward to in 2014.  Click here to take a listen:

I think most people feel like they don’t know enough about art to make up their own mind about whether or not a piece of art is good or bad.  I think there are too many galleries showing ugly, overpriced art in a pretentious fashion, and not enough spaces showing fresh, beautiful, affordable art in an open and welcoming fashion.

I want to improve the state of art viewing and art buying in this great country of ours, and to start I’d like to highlight venues across the country that show beautiful art on a regular basis in an accessible fashion.

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Stay tuned for more updates.


John Moses Girdler in “Dastrahan”, “Kentucky Roots”: Painting Pictures Ep. 4

John Moses Girdler is an artist and adventurer currently residing in Pavlodarskaya, Kazakhstan.  He and I met at the Chautauqua School of Art in the summer of 2011.  John joins remotely from K-stan to weave a tale of his past, and to discuss the present and the future.

John Moses Girdler. Photo by Doug Berryhill

The first half of our conversation, where we learn a bit about John’s mysterious past:

The second half of our conversation, where we expand to “global themes” and talk about the “big picture”:

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Matthew Donofrio in “Pizza Boss”: Painting Pictures Ep. 3

Painter extraordinaire and Jersey Shore native Matthew Donofrio makes his Painting Pictures debut on a drive from Sacramento to San Francisco.  He and I discuss our motives for painting and the nature of being an artist in today’s society.

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Matt Dyer in “Citrus Peeling”: Painting Pictures Ep. 2

Future doctor, former filmmaker, and meditating mindful man Matt Dyer joins Painting Pictures.  He and I discuss finding oneself, meditation, and the health benefits of citrus fruits.

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